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We provide the complete range of video CCTV surveillance system with closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s), Multiplexers & Switchers to provide visual monitoring & recordings with output on PC, TV or dedicated Monitors. A wide range of Analog Digital, IR & IP Cameras to suit every requirement & budget is available. Widely used in small, medium and large enterprises, Residential complexes and government sector undertakings, these are in high demand by our clients. What makes Surveillance cameras such an indispensable security tool is that you may view live video feeds from anywhere in the world through the internet.



The surveillance cameras are broadly categorized as under:

Analogue Cameras
    CS Mount
    High Resolution Zoom
    IR Night Vision
    Automatic Number Plate Recognition
 IP (Internet Protocol) Network Camera
    IR Night Vision
    Pan Tilt Dome
    High Speed Dome
    High Resolution Megapixel