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Printer is an output device that print the result of an operation on paper, Which produces a hard copy. Printers are capable of printing at very high speeds. It produces output on paper. It's also capable printing straight lines and simple figures like squares, rectangles, and circles. Printers differ in terms of speed, cost and quality of printing.

There are two types of main printers:

Impact printers and
Non-Impact printers.

1) Impact Printer- In impact printers, characters are printed by pressing a typeface against an inked ribbon, which makes a mark on the paper. The mostly common used impact printer is the Dot Matrix Printer.
In Dot Matrix Printer, an arrangement of tiny hammers or pins strikes the ribbon to produce desired characters. The impact of the appropriate pins on paper through the inked ribbon forms letters made up of dots. These printers are inexpensive but noisy. It can print both texts and graphics. It has low quality but steadily improving. It's very useful for high-volume work because of great speeds and low printing cost. Dot Matrix Printers have the ability to produce multiple copies of documents in a single print. These printers are used to produce internal reports and memos needed by organizations. The other types of impact printers are drum printers, daisy wheel printers and golf ball printers, line printers, Braille printers. But these printers are not so popular.

2) Non-Impact Printer- In non-impact printers, there is no contact between the typeface and the paper while printing. They are much quieters than impact printers because their printing heads do not strike the paper.

The main types of non-impact printers are:

Laser Printers-
Laser printers use a light beam to form images on the paper using toner ink as a medium. It has a very high quality, prints at speeds un approachable by other technologies, affordable prices. It's excellent for high volume high quality works.

Inkjet Printer-  Inkjet Printer, invented by Canon, use jets of ink to print characters on paper.
It has high-quality print character sets, choice of type set is controlled by program, print quality quiet good than dot matrix, cheap, useful for low volume applications, high printing cost. Three colors of cartridges, which combine magenta, yellow and cyan inks are used to create color tones. A black cartidge is also used for crisp monochrome output. It produces high resolutions dot matrix printers.

Thermal Printer- Thermal printers use heat to print characters on papers. These printers are used in calculators many fax machines. The limitation of this printer is that it produces low-quality and low resolution print.